AFP extends partnership with SES for AFPTV Live

News agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) has exended a partnership with satellite operator SES to enable its customers to continue using the AFPTV Live platform for real-time access to live news and events from around the world.

AFPTV Live, based on the SES 360 offering, provides a platform that enables users to access AFP’s live video news feeds and deliver content to their news studios via IP.

Customers can also plan their news coverage with real-time information, collaborative agenda features and a chat tool connecting them to AFPTV’s Live editors.

Since the platform’s launch in 2018, AFP and SES have introduced new features to AFPTV Live enabling replaying, refeeding, downloading and clipping live content from a single user interface.

“AFP is a visual-first news agency, with an unmatched network based in 260 locations around the world. Our ability to seamlessly deliver our 1200+ live video news feeds every month on a massive scale is crucial. As our AFPTV Live platform continues to impress our customers with its ease of use, we look forward to collaborating with SES to keep updating and improving it in the years ahead,” said Marie-Noëlle Vallès, video business development strategy director at AFP.

“AFP is an iconic news organisation serving a huge, global audience with trusted, real-time multimedia news content. We are delighted to continue working side by side with AFP to expand and enhance the capabilities of the AFPTV Live platform with cutting-edge technology that makes it easier for AFP’s customers to find and deliver the most important news to their audience,” said Norbert Hölzle, global head of media at SES.

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