Webinar | How to build an award-winning platform

Discover the intriguing journey of building an award-winning platform for Zattoo, the comprehensive TV-as-a-Service provider for ISPs and telcos. In this webinar, industry leaders and tech experts will lay out how operators and Internet providers can launch and optimise their own striking TV product with Zattoo’s innovative solution to give their subscribers a captivating TV experience under their own brand.

Learn about the basics and tweaks for crafting a top-notch platform that meets the demands of a multi-device, and digitally native audience to deliver hand-picked content, products, and services. From start to finish, uncover how Zattoo started already from 2007 to become the go-to IPTV and TV-as-a-Service provider.

Get ready for case studies, real-world examples, and insider tips from industry pros who have been changing the TV landscape. Whether you’re an operator, a media company, or a tech enthusiast, this webinar equips you with the knowledge and tools to thrive in the IPTV and TV-as-a-Service field.

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Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV Europe
Jörg Meyer, Chief Commercial Officer, Zattoo

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