Tele Columbus upgrading Leipzig network to FTTH

German cable operator Tele Columbus has begun work on delivering fibre connectivity to homes in Leipzig after striking agreements with housing associations in the eastern German city.

Tele Columbus, which operates under the PŸUR brand, is to deliver fibre connections to 18,000 homes, with the potential to extend to a further 35,000 homes in the city.

The operator is working in collaboration with the housing cooperatives Lipsia, Elsteraue, Pro Leipzig, Unitas and Baugenossenschaft Leipzig to deliver to around 18,000 apartments direct fibre connections for Internet, TV and telephone.

Tele Columbus has been a partner of housing associations in the city for a number of years. PŸUR services are already available in the properties of the housing cooperatives with 1Gbps services delivered via HFC. However, the upgrade to full fibre take this a step further.

Tele Columbus has agreed with the five housing cooperatives to expand its fibre network, which previously reached the apartment buildings or local distributors, to every single apartment via FTTH. New lines will be laid in the three-year project to around 18,000 apartments, the in-building distribution systems will be modernized and additional connection points will be created along a route length of around eight kilometres underground.

Negotiations between Tele Columbus and other housing companies in Leipzig could lead to FTTH being extended to a further 35,000 apartments, according to the operator.

Tele Columbus said that tenants and members of the housing associations will not incur any costs as a result of the modernization. Tele Columbus will also make the fibre network accessible to other providers.

Leipzig is the home of Tele Columbus, housing its HQ, PŸUR customer care and the business customer subsidiary PŸUR Business.

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