Poland’s Vectra integrates SPI International’s FilmBox+

SPI International’s streaming service FilmBox+ is integrating with the platform of Polish cable and pay TV operator Vectra.

filmbox+ vectraVectra customers can now watch FilmBox+ series, movies and live channels on various devices including Vectra’s latest TV Smart 4K Box Android TV set-tops.

The new service is available to all individual Vectra customers, both in packages and as an à la carte subscription service.

FilmBox+ features series, movies, thematic programming and live TV channels from SPI International and the Kino Polska Group portfolio. The service showcases original Polish productions of Kino Polska Group such as the dating show Naked Attraction: Poland and romantic comedy series Not with Me.

Users can access live streaming content from the FilmBox family of channels, Kino Polska, Stopklatka and Zoom TV, among others.

Vectra Group subscribers can watch FilmBox+ on TV Smart 4K Box and TV Smart 4K Box PVR set-top boxes, PCs or any other device that supports the FilmBox+ application.

This means customers can access content both on Vectra’s own network and wherever high-speed internet access is available.

“The introduction of FilmBox+ to Vectra’s offerings marks a significant milestone in the evolution of our streaming service. We are thrilled to debut this innovative business model and start our partnership with the largest cable operator in Poland. FilmBox+ seamlessly complements the existing FilmBox TV channels package, serving as their natural extension. Moreover, it presents an enticing proposition for customers seeking exceptional entertainment, especially those who rely solely on the Internet for their content consumption. As a comprehensive service provider, we are delighted to offer to subscribers a convenient access to compelling content seamlessly integrated within a single bill from their TV provider,” said  Jacek Koskowski, general director for sales and distribution at Kino Polska Group.

“We are thrilled to elevate Vectra’s offerings with our cutting-edge FilmBox+ service that’s available through numerous operators across Central and Eastern Europe. With FilmBox+, we provide smooth integration options, making it effortless for our operator partners to offer additional curated content windows to their customers,” said Haymi Behar, CMO & CDO at SPI International.

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