StarzPlay Arabia sees 70% viewership growth during Ramadan

The Dubai-based streaming platform Starzplay experienced a 70% growth in viewership during Ramadan 2023.

According to a recent viewership analysis by Starzplay, the platform saw remarkable increase in viewership across the GCC markets with nearly a 70% increase in unique users compared to Ramadan 2022. UAE witnessed the maximum increase in viewership, a 62% increase in unique users in 2023 vis-à-vis Ramadan in 2022 while the rest of the GCC recorded nearly a 60% increase in unique users.

During Ramadan, the streamer also gained a 50% increase in new sign-ups compared to Ramadan 2022. The young consumers are driving subscription growth and STARZPLAY has been at the helm to deliver diverse, as well as quality, content to its audiences, with a strong focus on producing Arabic original content.

Among the top performing titles were Serou Al Batea, Al Moasses Osman, Kashf Mestaagel, Bab Al Hara and Harb.

Tony Saab, senior vice president of content and strategic partnerships, Starzplay added: “Ramadan is a month of family gatherings and celebrations with friends and families and a time where viewers consume a greater amount of entertainment content. Over the last few years STARZPLAY has witnessed a significant increase in streaming during the Holy Month and this year was no different. Our platform recorded nearly a 70% uplift in consumption vis-à-vis last year which is a clear indication of the increase in demand of video streaming consumption across the MENA region. The Ramadan viewership figures evidently indicate the appetite for Arabic language content in the region and therefore an opportunity for streaming services like ours to deliver even more original Arabic content.”

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