Channel 4 launches rebrand

The UK pubcaster Channel 4 has launched its rebrand with all its digital, social, and linear channels, including its VOD service All 4 unifying together under one single banner – Channel 4.

With the rebrand, viewers will be able to navigate all of Channel 4’s services and platforms to one single destination Channel 4.

The broadcaster’s in-house creative agency 4creative has partnered with design consultancy Pentagram to develop a new brand identity. It sees the return of Channel 4’s iconic blocks after eight years apart, placing the channel’s iconic Lambie-Nairn ‘4’ logo back at its heart.

The rebrand and new design identity across all of Channel 4’s streaming and linear services aims to help audiences easily recognise and find content and programmes from the channel.

Channel 4 announced that it was to bring all its channels and services under the one brand in November. The decision to unify all services behind the Channel 4 brand came following threats of privatisation and the notion that audiences no longer distinguish between digital and linear content.

Zaid Al-Qassab, chief marketing officer at Channel 4, explained: “The creation of a singular brand vision will better serve our viewers and help futureproof the channel to make sure we’re able to continue to take creative risks for the next 40 years. We want to become the viewers’ North Star in the digital world. A valued curator to help them navigate to a destination full of entertaining and thoughtful content they can trust.”

Lynsey Atkin, Executive Creative Director at 4creative, said: “Bringing back our iconic logo and putting it front and centre, amongst a modern and vibrant system made distinct through colour, motion, and typography, gives us the consistency necessary in today’s visually noisy world, whilst still allowing us the creative spirit inherent within the Channel 4 brand. After many, many months of work we’re delighted to see it out in the world, helping us be Altogether Different now and into the future.”

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