Love The Planet FAST channel joins Samsung TV Plus

Barcelona-based channel operator Love TV channels has inked a deal with Samsung Electronics to launch its environmental FAST channel Love The Planet on Samsung TV Plus in Europe.

Love The Planet features premium documentaries and docu-series around sustainability projects and topics to make people aware of the main challenges the planet is facing, with special blocks dedicated to sustainability projects to save the oceans.

The channel will be shown exclusively on Samsung TV Plus available in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

The environmental channel aims to take audiences on a global sustainability journey, alongside climate activists taking daily steps to preserve our world. Viewers will learn about the technological innovations contributing to a more sustainable environment, and how individual actions can make a big difference, inspiring its audience to pursue a more sustainable way of life.

Love TV is also behind the channels Trailers which shows trailers, special clips, behind the scenes, interviews, from the latest hit TV series and films, as well as, Love Wine delivering documentaries and docu-series around wineries.

“We aim to spread the message about the climate emergency, but from a positive point of view,” said Teresa López, Co-founder and CEO at Love TV Channels. “Our focus is on the solutions, with stories that inspire the audience to pursue a more sustainable way of life.”

Jennifer Batty, European head of content acquisitions at Samsung Ads commented: “The recent success of FAST is credited to its unique ability to deliver specialist streaming content – alongside household favourites like live sports, entertainment, and news. In the case of Love the Planet, this is a brand new, exclusive specialist-interest channel that eco-conscious audiences can discover, with content tailored to their interests. For advertisers, it’s a no brainer for how great the opportunity is to reach this desirable audience, in an environment that suits them.”

“FAST channels such as ‘Love he Planet provide an engaging, premium, and brand-safe environment for sophisticated, addressable TV campaigns that reach audiences advocating and in-support of environmental change. For advertisers, the advantage of having data-driven insights of this audience’s interests is unparalleled,” added Alex Hole, vice president and general manager, Samsung Electronics Europe.

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