Asia Pacific OTT TV episodes and movie revenues to reach $52bn

Asia Pacific OTT TV episodes and movie revenues will reach $52 billion in 2028, predicts Digital TV Research.

OTT TV episodes and movie revenues across the Asia Pacific region will go up by 56% from the $33 billion recorded in 2022.

The media research outfit also forecasted from the $19 billion additional OTT revenues, China will add $4 billion, India $2 billion, South Korea $3 billion and Japan $4 billion.

China is to account for 38% of the region’s total revenues by 2028, down from 48% in 2022 as the other countries grow faster.

While Western Europe will generate OTT episode and movie revenues will reach $45 billion by 2028, with the Eastern European market expected to produce $5.7 billion. As well as 19 Latin American countries are predicted to contribute to $16 billion of OTT episode and movie revenues.

The research outfit also reported earlier that  by 2028 Asia Pacific pay TV revenues are expected to fall by $1.6 billion

“Asia Pacific SVOD revenues overtook AVOD revenues in 2019, mostly due to the advertising downturn in China. AVOD will recover, but will remain lower than SVOD. SVOD and AVOD revenues will climb to $7 billion and $11 billion respectively between 2022 and 2028,” said Simon Murray, principal analyst at Digital TV Research.

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