Tata Play Binge+: Get OTT + DTH for a Reasonable Price

  1. Tata Play Binge

Tata Play Binge+ is the Android Set-Top Box (STB) offering from Tata Play. Earlier, the same STB used to be called Tata Sky Binge+. Tata Play Binge+ is the only Smart STB offering from Tata Play, India’s largest DTH (Direct-to-Home) service provider. Tata Play has been offering this STB to consumers across India for several years now. It is an impressive and powerful STB that can help you watch both OTT (over-the-top) as well as linear TV content with just a push of a few buttons. Let me walk you through the STB’s features and its price.

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Tata Play Binge+ STB Price

Before the specifications and the features, let’s check the price of the STB. It is available in the Indian market for a price of Rs 2199. This is the price mentioned on the website of company. Users can get a discount of Rs 200 if they make the purchase online through the website of Tata Play. Users will have to use the discount code TPL200 to get the discount. Now let’s go through what you will get with the STB when you purchase it.

Tata Play Binge+ STB Specifications and Features

One of the great benefits of choosing the Tata Play Binge+ STB is that you can also get access to Netflix with the Tata Play channel packs. The app of Netflix has been onboarded on Tata Play Binge+.

Then, since it is a Smart STB, it can let you catch up on a week’s worth of your favourite TV shows that you missed out on. Being an Android STB, it supports Google Assistant, allowing you to give voice commands to the TV.

Watching content on the Tata Play Binge+ STB can be a great experience in case you have a great internet connection. This is because the STB can support 4K resolution content. You will have access to thousands of applications that are built for the Android TV platform.

But the biggest benefit of the Tata Play Binge+ STB is that it allows you to watch both OTT and linear TV content without any hassle. You won’t even have to worry about whether your TV is a Smart TV or not. As soon as you plug the Tata Play Binge+ into your TV, it becomes Smart and allows you to consume as much OTT content as you want.

Tata Play also offers bundled OTT service with the Tata Play Binge. It is not a free service, but it comes at a very affordable cost as a bundled service.

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