Broadcasters and Cable Companies End the Fight


The broadcasters and the cable TV operators have finally put an end to their differences. For the last few days, the broadcasters and the cable TV operators were fighting over the implementation of the New Tariff Order (NTO) 3.0. But according to a Livemint report, the differences were finally put aside late on Thursday. The fight resulted in the discontinuation of services for many cable TV subscribers. Major broadcasters, including Sony, Disney Star and Zee, had stopped the signals for the cable TV operators because of the disagreement between them. This affected millions of cable TV subscribers who couldn’t watch their favourite content on their TVs after paying for the service.

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The report said that the deadlock between the broadcasters and the cable TV operators seems to be over. All the major channels should now be again accessible to cable TV subscribers. The issue had come between the parties when the broadcasters increased the price of their bouquet and popular channels by 10% to 15% with the implementation of the NTO 3.0. The cable TV operators felt that the price increase would be a pinch to their low-income consumers, and hence they were not willing to implement the NTO 3.0.

This caused a problem between the broadcasters and the cable TV operators. The All India Digital Cable Federation (AIDCF), a lobby group of muti-system operators (MSOs), had already petitioned the Kerala High Court against the NTO 3.0 and had asked for interim relief from the disconnection notices from the broadcasters.

The fight between the broadcasters and the cable TV operators was helping no one. The cable TV operators stood the risk of losing subscribers who could have switched to the services of the Direct-to-Home (DTH) service providers, and the broadcasters were losing access to several million homes and subscribers across the country.

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