Why Airtel Xstream Box is the Best Android STB Out There

Why Airtel Xstream Box is the Best Android STB Out There

Airtel Xstream Box is the Android STB (Set-Top Box) on offer from Bharti Airtel. The company offers it via its DTH (Direct-to-Home) arm called Airtel Digital TV. If you have been following the product, you know that it’s price has been severely cut over the years. Right now, the STB is selling for Rs 1500 directly on the website of Airtel. There are multiple reasons why it is the best Android STB present in the market. First of all, you get the best features of Android TV for a very reasonable price. Then, you also get to watch both linear TV as well as OTT (over-the-top) content with just a push of a few buttons. This is not all. The biggest reason why this STB can be a good deal for you is that even if you don’t own a Smart TV, you can still watch OTT content on your TV with the Xstream Box.

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What’s the Cost of Tata Play Binge+ STB?

If you are aware, there’s another similar STB as the Xstream Box from a major DTH player in the market. The Tata Play Binge+ is the Android STB offering from Tata Play. With this STB, consumers can do everything they can with the Xstream Box.

However, there’s a difference between the price of both the products. The Tata Play Binge+ is available for Rs 2199. Users purchasing the STB online can get a discount of Rs 200 using a promo code provided by the company. Regardless of the discount, the Tata Play Binge+ is considerably more expensive.

Both the companies also offer their own OTT aggregation service. Airtel offers Xstream Premium while Tata Play offers Tata Play Binge service. Both require customers to pay additional money.

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If you just look at the utility, you will find that the Xstream Box is a much better buy at the end of the day because it is affordable.

However, it also worth noting that Tata Play Binge+ can deliver an excellent experience to you. Whether you want to watch OTT content or linear TV content, you can do it all with the Tata Play Binge+ as well. Had the STB been priced the same as the Xstream Box, it would have made a bigger difference in the purchase decision of the customers. Xstream Box customers can also bundle internet services from Airtel under Airtel Black and get a single bill for both the service.

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