Sony Sab to launch new show ‘Dil Diyan Gallaan’

Mumbai: Sony Sab is set to launch a new show titled Dil Diyan Gallaan. The show highlights the predicament of many families in India who are distanced from their loved ones due to migration, misunderstandings and unspoken words. Dil Diyan Gallaan will premiere on Sony Sab on 12 December at 7:30 p.m.

Sony Sab business head Neeraj Vyas said, "We are strongly focused on continuously evolving as a brand and bringing new shows with unique perspectives to entertain and engage our audience. As we enter this new phase, we want to connect with the viewers through stories that matter to them and are a reflection of their own life, their problems and their hopes. Dil Diyan Gallaan is a very special show for us as it embodies our new proposition and deals with a subject that many Indian families grapple with, which is distances caused by migration and misunderstanding. Sony SAB will give its own unique, hopeful take to a heart-wrenching subject.”

Dil Diyan Gallaan is the story of three generations with Punjabi ancestors, and it stars veteran actor Pankaj Berry as well as an ensemble cast that includes Kaveri Priyam, Jasjeet Babbar, Sandeep Baswana, Ravi Gossain, and Hema Sood, among others. The new show depicts a Punjabi family dealing with the effects of migration as well as many unspoken feelings among family members. The channel hopes to capture a new perspective on estrangement and misunderstanding, providing people with a new perspective and hope.

Dil Diyan Gallaan, the story of a Hoshiarpur family, will explore the journey of a family where the first two generations refuse to forgive and forget but are forced to confront and hopefully heal their past when the third generation steps in.

Sony Sab hopes to connect with the audience through more relatable stories about ordinary people's lives.

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