Sony launches new show 'Kathaa Ankahee'

Mumbai: Sony Entertainment Television brings a beguiling story titled Kathaa Ankahee, a Hindi remake of the acclaimed Turkish drama 1001 Nights, delving deep into the feelings of love, repentance, and an unforgivable wound (Binbir Gece).

After a successful run in over 50 countries, the show will be presented to the Indian audience with an enthralling storyline centred on an unforgettable wound that causes a schism between Katha and Viaan. Aditi Dev Sharma and Adnan Khan will play the beloved characters Sehrazat and Onur in the Indian edition. The show, produced by Sphere Origins, premieres on 5 December and will air every Monday–Friday at 8:30 p.m.

Katha, an award-winning architect, exudes bravery and optimism. Her enterprising nature is unstoppable, and she never shows her vulnerabilities, even when she is deeply hurt or experiencing emotional turmoil. Viaan, on the other hand, is an alpha male with a skewed belief system against women, viewing them as mere opportunists. However, when Katha and Viaan are confronted with a storm as a result of an irreversible situation.

Aditi Dev Sharma, who essays the role of Katha, shares, "What makes Katha Ankahee truly special for me is that it gives me the opportunity to bring alive a beguiling narrative for Indian audiences that has been adored globally. My character, Katha, represents a modern-day woman with an indomitable spirit. In the race of life, despite having a 9 to 5 job, Katha continues to hustle with multiple jobs at hand; sometimes she is a broker, a freelancer, or either works as a yoga teacher. Why is Katha juggling with so many jobs? What is the reason behind Katha’s struggle? These questions will pique the viewers' interest in finding out what the real reason is. Playing Katha gives me a chance to challenge myself and test my mettle as an actor, and I am glad to be doing this. With Katha and Viaan’s journey in the show, viewers will get to experience a myriad of emotions as their story unfolds. I am very excited for this new journey and can’t wait for this captivating story to come alive, as it will be an interesting watch for the viewers."

Adnan Khan who plays the character of Viaan, exclaims, "The style of storytelling, the captivating narrative, and the strong characterization got me hooked from the very first go; And, I truly understood the reason behind the popularity of the superhit Turkish series 1001 Nights (Binbir Gece), and I am pleased to be a part of the Hindi remake, Kathaa Ankahee. Viaan’s character is intense, as he has multiple layers to him, which makes it very interesting to play. He is a successful businessman who likes to be in control. Owing to an emotional baggage from the past, Viaan has a belief system that is skewed against women, so he doesn’t trust them at all. Katha Ankahee is a love story that is high on emotions as it dives deep into the feelings of love, repentance, and an unforgiveable wound, and the beauty of the show lies in its characters and the situations they are in. I am glad to be sharing the screen with such a talented actress, i.e., Aditi; she is amazing at what she does, and we are having a wonderful time working on this. I am sure the show will touch the right chords, and I hope the audience showers our show with a lot of love."

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