Pitchfork Partners to handle strategic communication mandate of Quest Investment Advisors 

Mumbai: Equity portfolio management service provider Quest Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd. announced the appointment of Pitchfork Partners Strategic Consulting as its communication partner. The Mumbai-based consultancy firm will help Quest Investment Advisors to build and elevate brand awareness and reach out to all the relevant stakeholders.

Founded by Ajay Sheth in 1980, Quest Investment Advisors has been in the Indian capital markets for over 30 years and currently boasts a clientele across family offices, corporations, HNIs, and NRIs across PMS and offshore strategies.

The firm manages over Rs 2,300 crore in funds spread across 1,200+ unique investor folios. The company also set up a foundation in 2009, the Quest Foundation, that drives various social initiatives spanning tribal welfare, general healthcare, education, and rural healthcare.

Quest Investment Advisors chief investment officer Aniruddha Sarkar said, "Indians are born with a savings mindset, and the bias has always been towards physical assets like real estate, fixed income securities like bank fixed deposits, and gold. Equity as an asset class has always been the lesser preferred asset, but that perception has been changing over the past few years. After making strong progress, still only six per cent of the Indian population is investing into equities and has a long way to go before it catches up with that of other emerging markets. As a major player in investment management, we see it as our responsibility to increase awareness among the population about equity investment as a wealth creation tool. In this endeavour, we have partnered with Pitchfork Partners, who will help us reach out to multiple stakeholders and create awareness about our investment philosophy and wealth creation approach. We firmly believe that Pitchfork Partners possesses the drive that will help in enhancing brand awareness and salience."

Pitchfork Partners co-founder Jaideep Shergill said, "We are delighted to partner with Quest Investment Advisors. There is a strong need in India to educate the population and organisations on the benefits of several investment opportunities that will help them lead their businesses or achieve personal family goals in a seamless manner. We are committed to assisting Quest Investment Advisors in building their reputation through strategic outreach and insight-driven communication efforts."

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