News18 Bangla launches a new devotional morning show ‘Amrita Katha Amrita Vani’

Mumbai: News18 Bangla announced to present Amrita Katha Amrita Vani, a devotional show dedicated to instil soulful positivity amongst viewers.

Created in association with Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission, Belur, the show will air from 1 January 2023, every day at 6:30 a.m.

Amrita Katha Amrita Vani will have the audience witness the glory of some of the most revered monks from the prestigious Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission, inspiring them with multifarious aspects of life's teachings.

Touching upon all intrinsic elements of devotion, this exceptional show will include devotional songs of Shri Ramakrishna/Swamiji etc, recitation of stotras/slokas/ reading of the "Bhagawat Geeta" and its translation for the mass audience, day-specific preaching by monks, the reading of "Kathamritam"/"Swami-Sisya Sanbad"/"Mayer Katha," day-specific auspicious celebrations, and much more.

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