Monster India launches new campaign after rebranding itself as FoundIt

Mumbai : Monster India has launched a major rebranding exercise and a bold new campaign in collaboration with Wunderman Thompson Bangalore.

The campaign tells the story from the perspective of a new generation of job seekers. A generation that knows exactly what they want and is not afraid to ask for it.

For more than 20 years, Monster has been matching people with the ideal employment prospects under their previous guise. Monster transformed to FoundIt after gaining priceless knowledge that gave it unique insight into what customers wanted and what drove them away.

As the new name implies, FoundIt injects a positive spirit into what would otherwise be a stressful process for both job seekers and recruiters. The new branding retains the brand colours while bringing a contemporary and vibrant twist to it.

A significant number of senior Monster India employees strategically launched the campaign on LinkedIn by stirring things up by writing intriguing resignation posts on their profiles with the hashtag #changeisgood. Three teaser videos were released on social media, depicting various professionals quitting their jobs in an original and entertaining manner as this generated attention on the site. The films gave a hint of the new branding toward the end and concluded with the common theme, "Find the job that's perfect for you."

A short while afterwards, the brand name was launched and made public. It was repeated on other venues, including their website, LinkedIn, and social media profiles. The senior management announced the rebranding via their LinkedIn profiles, and the debut video depicted a movement-like scenario that culminated in many empowered individuals quitting their jobs in search of something better—a concept known as FoundIt.

Talking about the campaign, Wunderman Thompson, senior national creative director, Priya Shivakumar commented, “We've all been hearing of layoffs across many organisations and it has been making news across media, social conversations and forums. What better time then, to balance things a bit and launch Monster's new identity with an audacious campaign that creates intrigue around people quitting. What starts off as a surprise spree of resignations by the Senior Management, is amplified through PR and communication as they sign off from Monster to finally reveal the name of thennew entity. "FoundIt" as the portal is called, starts the way it means to go on, as a platform that will empower the employee and employer both, by bridging the gap between skills and requirements. The job scenario needed a new way of doing things and FoundIt is not only the new name but a new approach to recruiting.”

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