Croatian pay-TV market stagnates

The number of pay-TV subscribers in Croatia increased by only 4,000 in the year to September 30.

According to data published by the regulator HAKOM, it stood at 877,065 at the end of September, 0.44% more than 12 months earlier. IPTV take-up continued to grow impressively, the 456,914 total at the end of Q3 being 1.99% more than in Q3 2021.

Cable also grew (up 0.29% to 179,268), as did pay-DTT (104,279, +1.26%), though DTH fell (136,604, -4.83%). Despite the total number of pay-TV subscribers barely growing, pay-TV revenues in the third quarter were, at HRK223,371,546 (€29,525,251), 4.32% higher than in Q3 2021.

Looking at the TV market as a whole, in terms of reception technologies FTA’s share continued to decline, accounting for 37.4% of households in Q3. IPTV claimed 32.6%, cable 12.8%, DTH 9.8% and pay-DTT 7.4%.

from Broadband TV News