AI-based content localisation solutions provider Ollang enters India

Mumbai: Ollang, a US-headquartered global player in the content localisation industry using artificial intelligence (AI) audio solutions, has announced its foray into the Indian market. In addition to expanding its footprint in the country, the company is looking to create a talent pool of AI-dubbing experts. The global brand, which has been bringing dubbed video and audio content to viewers in more than 60 languages, is also on the lookout for professionals in the domain of closed captions and subtitles.

The platform enables TV channels, online video streaming channels, production companies, e-learning platforms, and content creators to ensure that their AV content gets a global reach. This time it has come to India with its state-of-the-art AI-enabled content localisation platform, OLabs, that will need more than 1,000 AI dubbing demos and about 100 active AI dubbers at all times. The projects on which the editors and experts work will come from all over the world, so the language used may vary from Spanish to French to Turkish, among other things.

Ollang co-founder and CEO Ebru Yıldırım said, "The first step is translation, which is done by a professional translator, and the second step is AI dubbing, wherein the AI dubbing editors fix the voices and lip sync. It is also an excellent earning opportunity for professionals working or aspiring to work in the niche future-oriented domain, as they may earn up to $120 for working on approximately one hour of content."

She also stated that, while demand for English AI-dubbing is currently at its peak, the growth-oriented company plans to scale up and add a few more languages over the next six months. "The major task is to ensure lip sync that is done with AI; otherwise, a simple dub makes the same content jarring to the eyes due to a lack of sync between audio and video. Furthermore, the AI-enabled dubbing process ensures quick turnaround time for projects, reliable work, and the potential for better results."

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