Strong start for TVP VOD

The Polish public broadcaster’s new on demand platform TVP VOD saw a 25% increase in its subscriber numbers in just a few days following its launch.

Its app also saw a record number of downloads, while there was even greater interest than before by the users of the ABO Zone, available after paying the TVP receiver licence fee.

The website also boasted a significant increase in video consumption on individual platforms, as well as an unprecedented number of recipients. On October 25, a record 423,000 accessed the site. This was undoubtedly due to the premiere of one of the first TVP productions available in the digital first model – the series “Erynie”, as well as the new and very attractive offer of subscription packages for consumers.

In October, the number of people watching video content on TVP VOD increased by 45%. All applications of the website recorded record results. Android TV saw an increase in users watching video content by over 40%, mobile application by almost 70%, and smart TV by over 100%.

According to the Mediapanel survey, on average each month this year, services and applications offering TVP VOD content are visited by over 2.8 million real users.

from Broadband TV News