Sharp Sight creates conversation about eye health

Mumbai: Sharp Sight Eye Hospital has rolled out a new eye health awareness campaign, raising awareness of the importance of good vision and spectacles free life for the senior citizens.

The campaign aims to create a viral conversation about eye health that ultimately leads people to seek out regular eye exams. It also highlights the appropriate public health messages should be provided at all ages to encourage healthy lifestyles that promote eye health in the long term.

The campaign features Anang Desai, one of the most renowned actors in the Indian film industry with a very distinct voice and delivery.

As part of this eye health awareness, free vision screening camps providing comprehensive eye check-ups and eye care will be held at Sharp Sight health centres for the underprivileged communities of the state.

Speaking of this campaign, Share Sight Eye Hospitals CEO Deepshikha Sharma commented, "This is the third year we are organising the eye health awareness campaign which is about enriching public knowledge on eye health and wellness in line with the global initiative of Vision 2022: Love Your Eyes. We aim to raise awareness amongst the masses on the importance of regular eye checks and promote knowledge in early detection for myopia, as well as other visual impairing diseases."

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