Weekend Unwind’ with: BYJU’S senior director of Film Crew Bhupinder Pal Singh Raina

Mumbai: With another weekend upon us, it is time to unwind with the latest Q&A edition of Indiantelevision.com’s Weekend Unwind — a series of informal chats that peek into the minds of corporate executives through a fun lens in an attempt to get to know the person behind the title a little better.

In this week’s session, we have BYJU's senior director of film crew, Bhupinder Pal Singh Raina, opening up the windows to his thoughts.

Bangalore-based filmmaker, actor, and tutor Bhupinder leads the direction pod at BYJU’S and is involved in setting production processes and quality benchmarks when a new product is conceived. He also tutors teachers, actors, and directors in the art of using film as a medium to better educate.

Having graduated from an Australian university-affiliated film school in 2010, Bhupinder took up an acting course with The Actor's Truth in Mumbai in 2018. He has been a part of a variety of audio-visuals, ranging from corporate to educational films to feature films like 777 Charlie, Sarvasva, and commercials with multiple brands. 

So without further ado, here it goes…

  • Your mantra for life

Don't count the days. Make the day count.

  •     A book you are currently reading / plan to read

I am currently reading "Ride of a Lifetime," a memoir by the ex-CEO of Disney, Bob Iger. I highly recommend it to anybody who's in the creative business field.

  •     Your fitness mantra, especially during the pandemic

Theatre training and playing cricket twice a week kept me active and occupied throughout the pandemic.

  •     Your comfort food

I enjoy a variety of foods. I just feel blessed to find edible food when I need it.

  •     When the chips are down a quote/ philosophy that keeps you going

I firmly believe in the famous Hindi saying, "neki kar, dariya mein daal," which loosely translates to doing everything with a good heart and expecting nothing in return.

  •     Your guilty pleasure

I've had a sweet tooth since forever, so much so that I am genuinely worried about my health now.

  •     When was the last time you tried something new?

I have recently learnt to swim, well, float to be honest, from a teammate at BYJU’S.

  •     A life lesson you learnt the hard way

Being nice is cool, being naive isn't.

  •     What gets you excited about life?

The prospect of new experiences gets me excited. Like learning something new, meeting new people, hearing a good story and many more such things.

  •     What’s on top of your bucket list?

I am a simple-minded man who likes to live in the moment, so I haven't really set any goals for the future. 

  •     If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

I wish I had learnt how finance and investment work early in my life, so I'd not have to worry about survival. I am convinced that one can truly start living only when your key motivation is not money.

  •     One thing you would most like to change about the world

Aahh... There are way too many things. I am glad I am able to contribute to one of those actively through my work at BYJU’S, by enabling better education for the next generation.

  •     An activity that keeps you motivated / charged during tough times

I wouldn't know how to define "tough times." I guess I'll just give my best without really worrying about the circumstances or consequences. That has really helped keep things calm inside.

  •     What lifts your spirits when life gets you down?

Kindness Somehow, spotting even the smallest acts of kindness around me has always managed to refill my cup of positivity.

  •     Your go-to stress buster

My cricket sessions and an engaging movie or series do the job.

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