National Media Award 2022: ECI invites entries for best campaign on voter’s education & awareness

Mumbai: The Election Commission of India has invited entries from media houses for the National Media Award for the best campaign on voter’s education and awareness during the year 2022. The last date to submit the entries is 30 November 2022.

The awards are given to recognise the great work done by media organisations to encourage voter turnout by raising knowledge of accessible elections, educating the public on the electoral process, and encouraging people to vote and register to vote.

There will be four awards given out, one for each of the following: print media, television (electronic), radio (electronic), and online (internet)/social media. The honours will be given on National Voters Day and will consist of a citation, a plaque, and cash prize (25 January 2023).

The jury's decision will be based on the following criteria: the quality of the voter awareness campaign; the extent of coverage/quantity; evidence of impact on the public; and coverage of accessibility issues.

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