Discovery+ joins on Amazon Prime Video in Germany

Warner Bros. Discovery is now offering its streaming service Discovery+ on Amazon Prime Video in Germany.

Amazon customers who have booked Prime can use the service as an integrated app.

Discovery+ contains on-demand content on topics such as lifestyle, home and food, true crime, adventure, science, technology and environment, as well as live sports, including the Winter Sports World Cups and the Women’s Bundesliga.

In addition, the linear TV channels DMAX, TLC, Home & Garden TV, Tele 5, Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 are be available as live streams in HD quality.

Discovery+ will initially be offered on Prime Video in an ad-free version at a monthly price of €5.99; an ad-supported version will follow later.

Prime Video is available as an app on various devices and directly on the web at

from Broadband TV News