Casio India launches its new brand campaign #LiveYourDream for the Casiotone range of keyboards

Mumbai: Casio India announced the launch of its new "# LiveYourDream" brand campaign for its Casiotone range of beginner music keyboards on Monday.

The cornerstone of the campaign is a digital brand film featuring "Taare Zameen Par" star Darsheel Safary, playing the role of an underdog who is able to rise in the eyes of his peers with the help of the music-playing skills he has developed by learning the Casiotone.

Conceptualised by Tribes Communication and produced by Rising Star Productions, the film takes the opportunity to highlight the strengths of Casiotone, which enables the protagonist to realise his desire to play an instrument and garner admiration from his fellow college students. The film is live across all social media pages of the company, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

The campaign is supported by well-known artists from the music industry, such as music composer Sean Rolden, singer-instrumentalist Swasti Mehul, keyboard player Anshuman Singh, and singer-instrumentalist Priyanshi Srivastava, who are communicating their own tryst with social recognition achieved through playing a musical instrument.

Commenting on the campaign, Casio India MD Hideki Imai said, "We want to transform young India from a music-loving country to a music-playing country. And we believe that Casiotone will help us take a giant leap towards this goal. Casiotone has an uncluttered interface, which makes it less overwhelming for beginners; its portability and compatibility with the Casio Music Space app means that you can start and continue the learning process anywhere—at home or in your hostel room. Also, keeping the target market in mind, the instrument has deliberately been made sleek and colourful to augment the appeal and attractiveness that a musical instrument player enjoys. Knowing to play a musical instrument is the epitome of cool, and we hope that this campaign instigates Generation Z to pick up one."

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