Colors Tamil made world television premiere of 'Inba Twinkle Lilly'

Mumbai: Colors Tamil has made the world television premiere of 'Inba Twinkle Lilly' on 10 July at 2:00 p.m. 

Embarking on an entertaining journey, the film starring Saranya Ponvannan, Kovai Sarala and Kalpana in the lead roles, revolved around a chaos that ensues at bank robbery. Written and directed by R. K. Vidhyadaran, the 2018 film also featured Manobala, Mansoor Ali Khan, Devadarshini, and Imman Annachi as the stellar ensemble cast.

The narrative followed the lives of Inba (Saranya), Twinkle (Kovai Sarala) and Lilly (Kalpana) who was the best of friends. In a turn of events, Inba’s granddaughter Ashmitha (Ashmitha) was diagnosed with a serious illness and the trio raise money for her treatment. But unfortunately owing to a terrorist attack at a bank led by Kalluthu (Mansoor Ali Khan) and his gang, they ended up losing all their money, and the bank manager (Chithra Lakshmanan) also declined to assist them. Helpless, they decided to take things into their own hands and rob the bank themselves to retrieve their hard-earned money. What hilarity ensues during the robbery and they managed to save Ashmitha’s life follows the rest of the plot.

Before the telecasted on world television, director R. K. Vidhyadaran said in a statement, “It was an initial concept to showcase powerful female centric roles to the Tamil diaspora and all the three actresses are a powerhouse of talent where they are capable of showcasing any emotion be it rage, sadness, comedy among many others. They are the pillars that bring the whole film together and it was a wonderful experience directing them."

Adding to this, Saranya also said, “It is truly a unique film that is close to my heart. It is often rare to witness women take the wheel and the entire credit goes to the director for writing a concept that is simple but evokes laughter along with a roller coaster of emotions. Moreover it was truly a learning experience to work alongside veteran actors like Kovai Sarala and Kalpana especially when it comes to the comic timing of the film. I am definitive that the viewers of Colors Tamil will appreciate our efforts and have a fun-filled weekend.”

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