Free Scam Hellobox V5 Full HD H.265 HEVC Satellite TV Receiver Review

 Free Scam Hellobox V5 Plus H.265 HEVC DVB-S2 Full HD Satellite Receiver Review 

The best satellite TV Box with the free scam and free netflix for a year text of the Gsky/Pctlab team is their newest decoder that goes by the name Hellobox V5 Plus. Now, this Best STB is not so much different from its older version of the company box “Hellobox v5” in design but this box offers better service than its older version.

Free Scam Hellobox V5 Plus
 Free Scam Hellobox V5 Plus

On the inside, however, you can spot major software modifications and a lot more new features. Here you will get full specifications and features of this Hellobox best satellite TV receiver. Before then, let me give you the highlights of this TV Box.

Hellobox V5 Plus Receiver with free Scam Specifications & Features at a look

Some features of Hellobox V5 Plus need an internet connection and without that, you can't use the box fully like a free scam, IPTV, etc. Also, you need an internet connection for an online upgrade, to use the Satellite DVBFinder app, IPTV, etc. The satellite TV box itself does not have a network device, but it can be connected to the network using a USB-RJ45 network adapter or a USB-WiFi network adapter.

Hellobox V5 Plus  decoder Technical Specifications

  • Fully SD/HD DVB-S2/S compliant. 


  • Supports H.265 HEVC 1080P Full HD Video decoding. 


  • Inbuilt compatibility with DVBFinder. 


  • 7 Days EPG. 


  • Mpeg-4, MPEG-2 and HD.


  •  Free to air standalone decoder that can store up to 6000 channels. 


  • Lan, Wi-Fi and 3G Support and free netflix for a year text.

Hellobox V5-Plus DVB-S2 satellite TV receiver IKS/SKS Features

  • PowerVu is fully auto-roll for a wide range of PowerVu channels except for sport24. It currently is capable of opening AFN and Sony Network TV channels. 
  • Biss Key code fully auto-roll. 
  • Built-in 2 years free Scam account for European satellites and also for Asian satellites. 
  • 1 year free IPTV preloaded account. 
  • Online software upgrade: This means you don’t need to update the box on your own. 
  • Of course, as you would expect, it supports Support cccam, newcam,mgcam servers, and free Netflix for a year text.

                             Major Differences Between Hellobox V5 & V5 Plus


Hellobox V5 Plus


Hellobox V5


Supports H.265/HEVC


Does Not Supports H.265/HEVC


Contains some bug fixes with auto rolling powerVu and Biss channels     Largely buggy and freezes at times when calculating algorithm to roll channels


Have some Issues with auto roll software


1 year free IPTV account preloaded + free scam for 2 years


Just the 2 years of free scam