Bangla TV News: All Bangladeshi TV channels are shifting to Bangabandhu Satellite-1

Bangla TV News: All Bangladeshi TV stations will use the Bangabandhu Satellite-1 until May 12th. All Bangladeshi TV stations will start broadcasting Bangabandhu Satellite-1 broadcasts on May 12, said Information Minister Hasan Mahmud. He announced the announcement following a meeting with the Association of Television Recipients (ATCO) at the Secretariat in Dhaka on Monday.

May 12 will be the first anniversary of the launch of Bangladesh's first satellite, the minister said. The state-owned satellite company will operate free TV channels for three months.

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Bangabandhu Satellite-1

According to Hasan, the transmission data will first be sent via fiber-optic cable to the Sajeeb Wazed satellite radio station in Gazipur.

The authorities will then distribute the uplink and downlink from the station.

Authorities will set satellite usage rates after talking to all interested parties, he added.

According to Hasan, the meeting agreed that cable network operators in Bangladesh should keep the local television channels in line, with priority given to government channels. Foreign broadcasters come to local private broadcasters.

The Minister warned against broadcasting advertising for Bangladeshi products in the country through foreign channels.

"We have warned cable operators that we will issue another communication if anyone objects to this government.

Lessons, let's go to the application, "he said.

ATCO's Vice President and General Manager of Ekattor TV, Mozammel Babu, said the minister assured them of measures to prevent the promotion of Bangladeshi products in foreign channels.

Regarding Bangabandhu Satellite-1, he said that they would have agreed to become payment channels if they started using the satellite.

He added that they would demand a "fair" share of the money that cable operators charge the subscriber.

Salman F Rahman, President of the ATCO and adviser to the Prime Minister for the Private Sector and Investments, former media advisor to Prime Minister Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, Information Minister Abdul Malek and President of the Bangladeshi Communications Society, was also present with Shahjahan Mahmood.