Apple TV 4th Generation: The 1080p Apple TV 4K box is Now 'Apple TV HD'

Apple TV 4th Generation, the old Apple TV 1080p is now called Apple TV HD for 4K Apple TV channels. After today's Apple event, Apple has changed the name of its fourth-generation Apple TV to Apple TV HD. First introduced in 2015, the 1080p full HD device still has a price tag of $149 and now carries a clear title that distinguishes it from the Apple TV 4K: something new, more expensive, and of course compatible with the 4K decoder

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Apple TV HD, Apple TV 4th generation 32gb

The name change comes as Apple prepares to step up its initial programming efforts. The company dedicated most of its event to Apple TV +, an ad-free video subscription service. Several celebrities, including Reese Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Momoa, Kumail Nanjiani, Big Bird and Oprah, took the floor to highlight the projects they were working on.

Although the name of Apple TV HD has been changed, Apple's TV set-top-box offerings are becoming a little bit clearer. However, the company is dedicated to the Apple TV brand and is not the most intuitive naming system. The company now has Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K decoders. Then there's the Apple TV application, which will host the new channel service and will soon be available on smart TVs as well as on Roku and Amazon Fire TV sets. Finally, Apple TV + will host the original content of the company.