Best 4K Smart Box TV, Ultra HD Picture Quality With Sky TV Channels Package

Now TV box, Now TV 4k: Take a look at the 4K Smart Box TV channels: Ultra HD and Sky channels in a clear and easy-to-use package. Television is now a blessing to those who want Sky's television, sports and film channels without a contract and have become famous over the years for their own cheap streaming devices. The Smart Box with 4K and Voice Search for TV is now the latest addition as the title suggests, Ultra HD videos (4K) for party content.

This is one of the cheapest 4K Android TV Box in the market. Most 4K-compatible units are much more expensive. And although Amazon's competing 4K FireStick is under £50, this rival does not offer access to Now TV. So if you want Sky channels and do not want to contact everyone with a Sky Q subscription, this field is the most advanced option for money.

The big question is whether it offers a cheaper solution than the now smarter HDTV TV Now Smart TV to justify spending over $30. Read on to find out.

Design of Now TV Box 4k Smart TV Box

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Best 4K Smart Box TV: Now TV Box 4k

* Measures 125 x 125 x 21 mm.

* The weight is 222 g.

* HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.0.

* Voice search with remote control.

* Dual-Band Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n / ac).

The latest TV box, the Smart Box, replaces the latest generation, but has a similar aesthetic. In fact, it is manufactured by Roku, a manufacturer of transmission equipment in which Sky participates, and lent out by decoders introduced under that brand.

It's pretty small and harmless, except for the light pink letters above. However, this is in keeping with the general style of Now TV and is not so serious as you will hide the box anyway in an audiovisual piece of furniture.

The remote control is similar in fluorescent colors, but you will get used to it after some time. And at least the controls are different if you are looking for them, even in low light.

It's a decent remote, it does not require line of sight, and it helps to keep the box in a cupboard. It also has a microphone and a voice search button.

There are also keyboard shortcuts for the TV guide, kids channels, My TV (to access the recently viewed shows) and the Sky Store to buy or rent movies. There are also volume buttons on the page that also work on your connected TV.

The box itself is simple in terms of connections. There is an HDMI output, an Ethernet port and a microSD card slot to expand the memory if you need to install more applications.

It contains a HDMI cable and a power adapter and is very easy to configure. Connect it, follow the instructions on the screen quickly and easily and you're done.

User interface and Now TV apps

* More than 50 applications available.

* Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and more.

The main UI is a modified version of the Roku menu system. The main difference is that you are now receiving TV channels and a prominent program. You can use the box even if you do not subscribe to any of the paid options offered by TV. Otherwise, the selection of the third-party application is not as comprehensive as with other transmission devices.

Although you can access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and other streaming services, you'll be constantly coming up with suggestions on Now TV content that can be embarrassing if you do not want to subscribe

Basically, you see this smart box as a single transmission version of a sky box. The best you can get only if you have different payment options available, whether it is one of the entertainment passes, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports or Kids, a couple or all.

The advantage of Now TV over other pay-TV solutions is that you can get in or out of the pass at any time. You just have to pay each month for no minimum duration (sports content only). At Sky Sports you can also pay a daily or weekly fee, which is useful if you only want to watch a specific sporting event.

If you have access to Sky content and channels, you can use the menu system to find the programs and / or movies you want. It is well designed and easy to navigate. The search by language or manual input is exhaustive and works well.

The App Store is very similar to the chain store on Roku devices, although it is not that full. It's good to also have access to the Sky Store for loan and movie purchases, but there are a few applications missing from other multimedia channels. However, the most popular ones are available so this could be anything you need.

Video and audio performance of Now TV Smart TV Box

* Output up to 4K (2160p).

* Now the television is limited to 720p.

* Digital Audio Step 5.1 and 7.1.

The main advantage of the Now TV Smart Box over the Smart Stick companion is the 4K Ultra HD video. However, do not expect the contents of Now TV to be presented in this format.

Since the release of Now TV in 2012, their own video streams are limited to 720p. It is not even Full HD. We can understand why this was the case seven years ago (the average national broadband was not that fast or stable at the time), but it is troubling to know why.

Maybe Sky wants to distinguish parents between its simplified access-transfer solution and Sky Q Premium images? Or he is currently preparing the full version of Sky Q over the Internet. However, the images offered by Now TV Smart Box (or any other Now TV application) are at a disadvantage compared to other streaming services, at least in terms of native content.

To be honest, even in 720p, the pictures are accurate, sharp and sharp enough so that only video evangelists can really criticize. We even used our box on a 65-inch LG OLED TV, and the release of Sky Sports was outstanding.

The audio content in Now TV's content is also in stereo, but the latest speaker configurations have become soundbars, so most users will not notice. However, those who have an adequate home theater can consider an alternative. For additional applications like BBC iPlayer and Netflix you get better resolution and audio output, mainly in 5.1 surround sound, but with a capacity of up to 7.1.

Currently, Netflix and YouTube are the only services that use the Ultra HD features of this box. Others may come later, but if you want to associate the Now TV with a 4K TV, do so only for Netflix and occasional UHD chat while playing the piano on YouTube. And in this case, we can not help but believe that those who own a 4K TV are likely to have an intelligent device to offer both applications directly. The Smart Box also does not have HDR (High Dynamic Range), a Netflix application for Smart TV could be an advanced option.

For the rest, the Smart TV Now button does exactly the same job for £15, limited to 1080p. So if you do not need Netflix or YouTube in 4K, you can definitely save one or two bobs.

Final words

Now the Smart TV Box is a very good, fast and well thought-out streaming solution. However, he does not have enough to recommend his brothers much cheaper. With Now TV's content still limited to 720p resolution, it's not enough to sell it against its competitors.

When it was first announced, the Smart Box was the first major TV channel to offer 4K at less than £50 but was quickly combined with the Amazon Fire TV stick. Roku has also lowered the price of its outstanding Roku Streaming Stick + to a little more, which greatly influences the excitement of Now TV's offerings and more, after all, it is manufactured by the same company.

However, there is a good reason for the existence of the smart box. If you find an agreement with entertainment packages or Sky Cinema, the price is much more attractive. Get a month of movies and a month of entertainment and the 4K Now TV costs just £ 25, a bargain.

In addition, it should not be ruled out that the compatibility of the box with other 4K applications will be tested in the future. If the BBC iPlayer is more active in the Ultra HD range, this unit is ready and waiting for delivery. That might be enough for you to invest a little more in the meantime.