New Sun Direct Packages and Channel List With Price Wile Airtel DTH at Top

Sun Direct is ahead of the price with the new channels pack, while Airtel Digital TV with 270 packages is at the top of the list. Last year, the Indian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (Trai) met broadcasters and cable operators and introduced a new mandate to change the price and pricing schemes provided by DTH providers and broadcasters. ,

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Sun direct packages and channel list

Trai's new tariff system has empowered citizens and made profound changes to the channel pricing method. The tariff regime came into force on 29 December, and the regulator asked all cable and DTH providers to publish their new price tables and the packages they offer. While cable companies such as Hathway quickly joined the new Trai Directive, DTH service providers later joined the car. According to a recent report from Ultra News, Sun Direct is the latest addition to the list of DTH distribution service providers that have released their new awards.

Sun Direct introduces new channel packages based on the Trai order

Although Sun Direct has priced all packages and channels, public speculation has occurred and Sun Direct does not include any Star India channel packages. D2h, another major DTH provider, has also included its prices, and the number of Sun Direct packages and channels is very similar to the D2h distribution. Similar to D2h, the largest number of Zee packages in Sun Direct is 34. Sun TV, the father of Sun Direct, also has 20 packages, while TV18 offers 19 packages with the DTH provider.

Another similarity between D2h and Sun Direct is that they can not offer subscribers Star India packages. This is the result of a ruling by Judge M. Sundar of the High Court in Madras, who issued an order against the direction of channel decay, according to Trai, meaning that things can now happen. There are two options: Sun Direct and D2h should provide All Star channels, or Star India has to offer different packages.

The problem here is that after a court order, DTH providers cannot change plans in any way that the stations provide, and Sun Direct and D2h do not provide all the offered channels of their service. In addition, Star India has very conveniently organized packages that contain all their channels in a particular language, which makes it difficult for satellite reception service providers to provide these packages to subscribers. In addition, Sun Direct, like other DTH providers, will claim the net tax burden as of 154 R as the base package price. Customers can select the channels to include in this base package. You can find the new Sun Direct packages here.

Airtel Digital TV lists 270 channel packages

Airtel Digital TV continues to be one of the best providers of satellite broadcasting solutions to promote sales through the use of packages and packages. The DTH provider has released 270 packages, while Dish TV has announced support for 204 packages. Other DTH providers like D2h and Sun Direct only support about 100 packages. Issuers have created the packages to attract more audiences and generate more advertising revenue. In addition, individual channel prices have been set to encourage viewers to buy packages rather than individual channels. However, DTH providers have received mixed reviews in this regard. While Sun Direct and D2h only support 100 packets, Dish TV is centrally located and supports 200 odd packets. Overall, Airtel Digital is compatible with the 64 Star India plans, which prove to be the most advantageous DTH provider for broadcasters.