Marvel TV Shows 2018: Marvel to start Avengers, Winter Soldier / Falcon TV Series Soon

The Marvel TV Shows Falcon / Winter Soldier is scheduled for Disney's streaming service Scarlet Witch Show May's co-star Vision. Just over a year ago, Disney announced the creation of its own broadcasting service. Disney Play will feature the company's extensive content library as well as original films and TV series. The original offering includes several TV programs from Marvel and Star Wars. The goal is to create series based on Marvel Cinematic Universe characters that do not have independent films yet, including Loki and Scarlet Witch-based TV shows featuring Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen. Six to eight episodes are shown in each season, and unlike most Marvel Netflix and ABC shows, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is expected to play an active role in its development.

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Marvel TV Shows 2018: Marvel to start Avengers, Winter Soldier / Falcon TV Series Soon

We've learned that Disney has developed a third series that will provide fans with the Falcon / Winter Soldier team they've been waiting for since Captain America: Civil War. In addition, I learned more about the Scarlet Witch series. We know this.

Winter Soldier / Falcon TV series

Disney is developing a Falcon / Winter Solider television series that brings together friends Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie on Disney's on-screen streaming service. We've heard this news independently, but a recent story by Variety has revealed that Disney has selected Malcolm Spellman as the scriptwriter for the new series that is currently under development.

Sebastian Stan was named Sgt. Bucky Barnes after his debut as Sgt. Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The First Avenger by Joe Johnston in 2011. The character was cast in the movie by Anthony and Joe Russo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier in The Winter Soldier 'Anthony Mackie under the name Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon. But not before Captain America: Civil War, where Bucky and Sam have developed a friendly rivalry on screen, fans demand a derivative film.

Stan and Mackie did this in interviews and told various media that they were ready and interested whenever the problem arose. Stan even described his film idea Falcon / Winter Soldier as a comedy film by friends: "For me, it's like Martin Brest's classic movie Midnight Run, it's really like: 48 hours or a comedy from the 80s or 90s. "Who really knows what Disney's and Fig's plans are for the show?

The last time we saw Bucky, he had a recovery period in Wakanda where the Wakanda people knew him as the "White Wolf." With Falcon he tried to help the Avengers prevent Thanos from getting the infinity stones at the Battle of Wakanda, but they failed and Falcon and Bucky fell to dust. Of course, we know that the events of Avengers 4 will restore these two heroes, but it is also expected that the MCU will be changed in other important ways. It is hoped that these Disney Play shows will pick up on some of the effects of global change, even if the story is not known at the end.

One thing's for sure, Stan and Mackie have great chemistry and I'm excited to see their adventures.

I have been working on this story for several weeks and since then I have confirmed the details with two independent sources of trust. We contacted Disney to leave a comment but did not receive an answer. Much is currently not clear. Disney is unwilling to comment on any of these reports, including the first reports of the exchange. Some people think it may be because Marvel does not want to say anything about the characters who could survive Avengers 4, but I think Disney has its own big revelation of the planned list.

What about Paul Bettany's vision?

The other thing I hear is that Paul Bettany's vision will play an important role in the previously announced Scarlet Witch Show. In fact, it may be a series that speaks more of the super-powerful couple than Wanda. That makes sense to me because the relationship between Wanda and Vision is more convincing than Wanda's, and both have a long and intriguing relationship on the Marvel Comics pages. I do not think Scarlett Witch has developed properly outside the civil war. Therefore, a series that examines it through its relationship to vision makes sense.

Plans for the Disney Streaming Service

The content inherited from Disney Play should comprise approximately 7,000 TV episodes and 500 films. The original goal of the original content is to have four to five original films and five television programs a year. The following is planned for the page of the television series of Disney's broadcast service:

Star Wars: Clone Wars Season 7: The Clone Wars animated series has been revived to draw the conclusion that deserves an epic story.

Mandalorian: Executive produced by Jon Favreau, the first series of live scenes from Star Wars takes place after the fall of the Empire and before the publication of the First Order. We follow the harassment of a single armed man on the edge of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic. Dave Filoni, Deborah Chow, Rick Famuyiwa, Bryce Dallas Howard and Taika Waititi lead the episodes. With an announced budget of $ 100 million.

High Fidelity: A television series that reinvents the comedy of John Cusack in 2000 and now has a female perspective. The series features Zoe Kravitz, whose mother Lisa Bonet played an important role in the original film.

High School Musical: The Musical: A series of 10-episode documentary episodes based on the franchise with Joshua Bassett as Ricky

Monsters, Inc: An animated series based on the famous Pixar franchise is pending.

Mighty Ducks: Mighty Duck's original screenwriter Steven Brill and original producer Jordan Kerner are developing the family sports franchise of the 1990s in a television series.

Ink and Painting: An eight-part series of documentation based on the 2017 book that tells the unseen story of the often neglected collaborators who have contributed to the magic of Walt Disney's animation empire.

With regard to the original film line, Disney is in the post-production of Magic Camp and Noelle, in the production of a live adaptation of Lady and the Tramp, Stargirl, Timmy Failure and Togo and in the development of three men and a baby Don Quixote, father The Bride, Flora and Ulysses, Honey, I Shrugged, The Paper Mage, The Trap of Parents, Peter Pan and The Sword on the Stone.

The price of Disney Play costs less than Netflix's lower subscription, which ranges from $8 to $14. The Disney Broadcast service is expected to appear in 2019.