Hulu Streaming Service: Hulu Live TV Service added New DVR options

Hulu streaming and Hulu's live TV service added new DVR options. Have you ever wished you could record new episodes of Hulu shows? Well, now thanks to a new update on iOS and Apple TV you can do that.

We have another exciting update to announce! This time, it's for our iOS/TVOS users. Introduction to DVR controls: Do not worry, we hope to extend this feature to more devices in the future as well.

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Hulu Streaming Service

According to Hulu streaming service, these new features are now available on the Apple TV and on iOS devices with more on the way. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of new DVR features of Hulu streaming. Maybe one day we will have the ability to extend a recording or start recording early.

Here are the details of the full version of Hulu streaming service on the new update:

New: we are in the process of renewing our DVR. In the following months, you will see that My Stuff and DVR will become a more personalized experience. Thanks to this specific update, you can now add content to MyStuff without necessarily registering it (save that precious DVR space!). In addition, you will see new recording options presented as a pop-up menu.

Decide between: Record the entire series, record only new episodes or record NEW episodes and replays. Hulu streaming service is reducing your chances of losing your favourite programs by 80%. (We just invented it, but if we really did the math, the percentage would still be quite high.) One caveat: to access the Sports and Leagues recording options of Hulu streaming, you must add your equipment to MyStuff to enjoy record feature).