Plex Live TV on Roku: Plex Live Television Service Now Launched for Roku

Plex live tv Roku, plex, plex media serverThe Plex live television service launched for Roku. Plex announced today that it will bring its Live TV service to Roku. It already has support for Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV. Support for Roku devices was missing, it was hard to ignore that fact initially. The wait ends for owners of Roku devices soon, as they will finally launch the Plex Live TV service for this platform.

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Users will require a Plex Pass to access the live TV service. Plex today confirmed that a beta version of the service is now available for Roku and plans to release it to all Plex Pass subscribers within a week.

Plex Pass subscribers who have the Roku preview channel installed will be able to use Roku to watch free HDTV channels. The channels will also include local news and sports.

Users will have the ability to forward, pause or rewind using the time change. All they need for this is a Plex Pass subscription and a digital antenna tuner to enjoy your favourite shows and more.

The Plex Pass subscription costs $4.99 per month. It is far less than the base price of many of the most sophisticated television broadcasting services, but again, subscribers are limited to the channels they can get from their digital antenna.