Satellite Dish Setup, Dish Align and nilesat receiver settings: How to align Nilesat 7W

Nilesat satellite dish setup how to align Nilesat 7.0 West with easy step by step guide so that you may not face any problem in adjusting satellite dish yourself. Nilesat 7W is one of the best and popular TV satellite in Pakistan, India, and especially in the Middle East. You can watch the best TV channels on Nilesat such as National Geographic Abu Dhabi, Imagine movies, Zee Aflam and much more. Many people tried to Align their dish antennas towards Nilesat. But it is not an easy work to install a satellite dish and align Nilesat as you have to work hard to find this TV satellite.

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How to fix the satellite dish signal: Nilesat, nilesat 7w antenna settings

So here is the easy step by step guide to align Nilesat and adjusting satellite dish yourself

For readers of Pakistan and India who want to point their dish at Nilesat, they will need at least 6 feet or bigger KU band dish antenna to receive Nilesat signals. MiddleEast people can use 4 to 6 feet KU band dish antenna.

Steps to align Nilesat and adjusting satellite dish yourself

1. You can find Asiasat 3s between South and East direction. similarly, Nilesat is positioned at 7 West between North and West. So your dish antenna should be between North and west.

Here are the steps you should follow.

 1. Connect your Satellite Dish Receiver with Television through Multimedia cables.

 2. Now connect one end of the Coaxial cable with Dish receiver and the second end with LNB.

 3. Before Dish align you have to make some changes in your Satellite receiver.  You can use FTA or  DVB  receiver. 

4. Now feed a strong frequency of Nilesat in your satellite receiver to find signals. Here you will find all satellite frequency nilesat and full channel list.

5. The Strong frequency of Nilesat: 11938 V 27500-3/4

Now adjust Satellite receiver settings:

1. Go to Menu.

2. Add a new satellite in the receiver and named it Nilesat 7w.

3. Use LNB Type Universal.

4. Put LNB Frequency 9750 - 10500.

Satellite dish receiver settings as mentioned above may vary from receiver to receiver.

Now feed a strong frequency 11938 V 27500-3/4 in your satellite receiver and save it. you can also tune your tv to MBC or other strong channels if you already have nilesat channels in your receiver.  OK, we have finished the dish receiver setting part and now we have to move to dish satellite installation.

Now rotate your dish antenna in a zig-zag way. Keep in mind your dish antenna's lnbf direction must be between north and west. you can also use any dish pointer app to find the direction of Nilesat. Once you got the direction slowly move your antenna up, down and left, right. Keep an eye on the TV signal quality. Once you got some signal, tighten the screws of your dish and very slowly fine-tune your antenna to maximise the signal. You can also rotate the LNB to adjust that properly.

Surely you will get signals from Nilesat because it is easy to find KU band signals as compared to C-band signals.

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Please share your feedback in the comments and ask us if you faced any difficulty in adjusting satellite dish yourself or facing some issue on Nilesat 7w antenna settings.