EE TV offers: EE TV adds Amazon Alexa voice control to the Television Service

Entertainment News. EE TV UK adds Amazon's Alexa voice control to the television service. British operator EE TV became the first multiplayer operator to add voice support to its television service after a tie with Amazon Alexa in the UK.

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The new feature will enable its set-top box clients to give voice commands through Amazon smart devices to investigate television listings and set up recordings.

In a statement, the operator said the addition of EE TV Skill to Alexa was the first of many voice-features it planned to add to the platform.

Paolo Pescatore, multiplayer VP and media at research firm CCS Insight, said: "EE continues to push the boundaries with its television service. Given the fragmented nature of television services today, we believe the voice will play a Fundamental role in the search for the programs that the consumers want to see ".

"More importantly, support for Amazon Alexa goes one step further than Sky Q in support of additional voice features."


EE launched its television service in 2014 when the company was still jointly owned by Orange and Deutsche Telekom.

Since its acquisition by BT in January 2016, the EE brand was largely operated separately.

Meanwhile, BT invested heavily in its own television service, including spending £1.2 billion for exclusive rights to the European Champions League football competition, and the Sky rivalry to broadcast Ashes cricket matches in Australia For £80 million.

Although details are still incomplete on the future correlation of its many brands, BT said in July it was ready to integrate EE into its new consumer division. This would likely place EE in the same operational division as most of BT's branded TV offering.