Fire TV Hulu: Hulu live TV service Now Available on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Hulu tv on fire TV. Hulu live TV service reaches Amazon Fire TV. Hulu's live TV service, the expanded version of Hulu launched in May, which provides access to live television, in addition to the existing Hulu library, is now available on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. This is the first expansion of the main platform since the debut of the service since it was initially available on iOS, Android, Chromecast, Apple TV and Xbox One.

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Amazon Fire TV is one of the few remaining platforms of the Hulu application has yet to be released in order to be considered a true multi platform service. It is also in need of support for Roku and Samsung Smart TV - both of which were also previously promised to be in the works.

In its announcement this morning, Hulu says that the more limited availability of the new service allowed the company to learn from viewer feedback and then implement changes and improvements in the weeks following its release. That's probably a good thing because Hulu's revised user interface and updated design have led to a small size of user complaints. In fact, one of the most voted posts in the Hulu forums about the new experience, with 1,328 votes, refers to the support of users to the new interface.

As noted in our original review, the organisation and design of Hulu's live TV screen felt bad, perhaps too much emphasis on Hulu's personalization goals, to the detriment of easier navigation and faster access to The programs you really want to follow and see.

For Hulu's credit, however, it has been gradually developing small modifications to address some issues, noting that it was taking into consideration feedback from forum users. For example, in June, the company updated the application with tags that indicate its current display progress ("all captured" or how many episodes were left, for example); He added "new episode" Green Insignia so you would know what's new; And added the option to disable autoplay.

But these are little touches, rather than those that address the biggest problem with navigation and design, which Hulu remains the commitment of for the moment.

It is unclear, however, how much impact the design changes will have on Hulu's ability to grow its user base in the long run. After all, people get to broadcast television services heavily for content and ease of use through devices. In that, Hulu still offers a competitive offer with live and on-demand programming of more than 50 channels for $ 39.99 / month; In addition to its existing library, including originals like "The Handmaid's Tale", up to 50 hours of cloud storage DVR included; And support for 6 profiles and 2 concurrent flows.

Users can also add updates like expanded DVR (200 hours), unlimited concurrent streams or premium networks like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime.

Hulu said that in May it had 47 million unique viewers, so it is far from being counted at this time. (However, note that it is used to inform subscriber numbers, then change to only report unique instead.) Hulu's live TV expansion to Amazon Fire TV could raise those numbers.

As for the implementation of Fire TV, the existing Hulu application will automatically update to the new experience, making it the default for current Hulu customers as well as for those joining the live TV service.