Best Amazon Fire TV Accessory You Should Try For Only $16: TV Remote Add-on for Fire TV

If you have a Fire TV, you need this $16 accessory. OK, so we all know that the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are the best media streaming devices out there right now. That being said, they are certainly not perfect. There are some areas here and there that could definitely be improved but all it takes to fix one of the flaws of Fire TV is a simple $16 accessory. The Remote TV Plug for Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote fits into The back of the Fire TV remote where the battery cover is and adds a second remote control that includes all the necessary functions for your HDTV. In this way, you can control everything with a remote control.

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Here are some highlights of the product page:

* Control your TV directly from the Fire TV Stick remote control.

* Avoid the hassle of handling two different remotes.

* Easy to fit on the back of Fire TV Stick Remote.

* Compatible with the new Alexa Voice Remote Fire TV.

* Amazon Fire TV Remote not included.

Check out TV Remote Add-on for Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote [NEW VERSION] (Control your TV directly from your Fire TV remote).