Beware Free Reliance Jio dth Registration For Reliance Jio Set top box is Fraud

Beware Free Reliance Jio dth Registration For Reliance Jio Set top box is Fraud. Do not register on that site. They are a scam and will not provide any jio set top box rather they are stealing your personal details. Do not rely on this 'Reliance Jio' ad that offers free DTH subscriptions. Facebook has been feeding a number of announcements about Jio DTH services (direct to home TV) within its members' deadlines in recent times. Inviting people to share their personal data (name, mobile number and location) for the welcome offer of Jio DTH Prime, the ads state that more than 23 lakh users have already registered for the scheme that offers free access to more Of 400 standard and high definition / HD) for six months.
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Reliance Jio dth Registration For Reliance Jio Set top box

However, what the ad does not tell you beforehand is that URLs (,,, etc.) that are looking for personal data are not affiliated with Reliance or Jio in any way.

It is only after clicking on the terms and conditions link that you find with your disclosure, it says: "The Jio brand, your logo, the Reliance brand, your logo and other service marks and logos are owned by and/or With license from Reliance / Jio and/or its affiliates (sic). "In addition, it says:" The contest will choose random users to grant Jio DTH free as this contest is early than the launch of Jio DTH, you have to wait if You are selected ".

Two of the three URLs mentioned above have identical content and look like a copy and paste job. The third URL does not open, which also indicates that it has gone dormant. The URLs basically seem to be compiling or creating a database for unknown purposes and seem like an attempt to mislead potential subscribers to share their personal data that possibly could also be misused, considering that there is no information on who actually owns these URL.

Facebook could not be reached for a comment on these fake ads.

When we informed Reliance Industries, a company spokesperson said: "We are investigating the false and misleading communication related to Jio services on social networks, as we do with any such situation."