Bobbles.TV to Expand DTH and OTT Service With 3 New Cheap TV Packages to expand direct to home TV service DTH/OTT service for expatriates in Europe., the German provider of foreign television channels for expats in Europe, will launch more new pay TV packages this year.

The first two new package is meant for targeting people in the Middle East and the Philippines according to the Arnold C. Kulbatzki, Managing Director of the operating company Bubbles Media. The third is for expatriates from another Asian country, but it was no longer detailed as the negotiations with the parties involved were underway., the German provider of foreign television channels for expats in Europe, will launch more new pay TV packages this year.

The pan-European platform is aligned to around 15 million foreigners in Europe. Six packages are currently available to people from China, Indonesia, Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam and the latest addition for Indian viewers.

The industry has followed the development of since its launch in August 2016 with great interest because it is the first operator of the new digital TV platform that combines DTH satellite TV and OTT delivery.

This approach was chosen as "the best of both worlds," said Kulbatzki. Satellite TV provides reliable universal coverage and high quality, which achieves the areas where broadband penetration is low or insufficient, while OTT provides multi-screen functionality, mobile, and video on demand services and catch-up TV features.

The new subscription allows the viewers to decide whether they want only the DTH service (a set-top box included) or OTT service or a combination of both with the last option offers most of the TV channels as some TV channels are only on DTH and some are on OTT service.

To test the subscription service, most people opt for OTT Kulbatzki said. But when the free trial version expires, DTH and OTT are also selected.

Under the motto of "feeling at home is so simple," markets its products in ethnic communities through both offline advertising and social networks. The focus is on people over 35 years old and their families. "The feedback was excellent," said Kulbatzki, but he did not give any participant numbers.

Piracy is a threat in this niche, notes Kulbatzki because a large number of viewers use an illegal distribution of services to their home to watch TV. But he believes that his "aggressive price" and that "people like the convenience of a legal service and quality" make successful. "Netflix has proven that this strategy works."