Best Android TV Apps, Apps for Android TV Box and Sony Android TV Apps

Top 10: Best Android TV apps you should use. Best Android TV Apps, Apps for Android TV Box and Sony Android TV Apps.

Google held its annual developer conference last week and there were a number of new announcements that came through the confirmation of a number of new Android TV incoming devices like the Xiaomi Mi Box. That's just how a number of applications are going to gain support for the platform as well. Whether you already own an Android TV device or are starting to consider picking one up, there are a number of basic applications that you should install. Some offer improved functionality, while others lead the way in performance. Either way, they are the essential applications for Android TV.
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Android TV Apps

ES File Explorer: android tv apps

For Android TV users of any level, ES File Explorer is an application that you should have installed on your system. At the most superficial level, this is the most optimised application for managing Android TV files, while at a more advanced level, this offers a number of advanced features like the ability to easily transfer files from another Android device that also has EN File Explorer Installed. Great tool application for Android TV. Download es explorer for your Android television set.

Netflix: Android TV streaming app

This will not be a surprise as it is one of the most popular video content applications out there. With Android TV designed for TV, there are few applications that are as naturally Android TV ready as the likes of Netflix. You need a Netflix subscription of course, but otherwise, another indispensable application. Download Netflix: Android TV streaming app

Kodi: Android TV streaming app

Another application that any advanced owner of Android TV will tell you to download is Kodi. And they are right. Kodi is a great complete application and offers a good way to view or play all kinds of content including videos, images, audio and so on. For more advanced users, Kodi has some neat tricks on his sleeves as well. Download Kodi best free tv streaming apps.

Google Drive: Android TV apps

Now, this app is not exactly ready for Android TV and as such, you can not go to the Google Play Store and download it. Despite being a Google application, you still have to gain official support for the platform. However, you can transfer it to your Android TV using an application like ES File Explorer. If you have an Android TV device with a dedicated storage option, such as NVIDIA SHIELD, you can place a copy of the application on an SD card and transfer it in that way. Once installed, the user interface is not the most user-friendly (after all, it is still not fully optimised), but it will provide you with easy access to all Drive content. Download Google Drive Android TV apps

Side loader: Best Android TV apps and apps for Android TV box

If you do sideload Google Drive (or any application for that matter), then you'll want an application like Sideload Launcher. When loading an application, as it is not yet optimised for Android TV, there is no icon in the main menu (lean back launcher): this application will solve that problem exactly. Download Side loader apps for Android TV box

Sling TV: Best Android free TV apps

If you are someone who is seriously considering cutting the cable, then Sling TV is likely to be the first step in weaning traditional subscription TV packages. Sling TV is an option without a contract that for a fixed monthly amount will provide you with a selection of live channels. Great options for those who want to take that first step to go without cables. Download Sling TV: Best Android free TV apps

Spotify app for Android Television

Interestingly, although Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming applications on the market, it has not yet been optimised and released for Android TV. This has already changed thanks to the new Spotify application. If you are a subscriber of Spotify (and even if you are not), this will be worth downloading. Download Spotify for Android TV

The weather network

One of the best aspects of Android TV is how universal it is. Although you can consume audio and video content, you can also act as an information portal, just like your smartphone. And so applications like The Weather Network are great additions to your catalogue of Android TV applications. Download The Weather network App for Android Television

Twitch: Android TV streaming app

Now, this app is more for those who have picked up the NVIDIA SHIELD than any other Android TV device as it looks perfectly optimised for the SHIELD due to the SHIELD's high emphasis on the games. However, any device you own, Twitch is a great app for watching others play. Download Twitch: Android TV streaming app

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Youtube: android box apps

If Twitch is the YouTube of the video game world, then you should take little explaining why you should have YouTube installed on your Android TV. This is by far one of the most useful Android TV apps for new and existing owners alike, though, chances are you already have it installed. Download Youtube: android box apps