Best Kodi Box 2017, Best Device to Run Kodi in 4K UHD and Kodi Review

Best kodi box 2017: Today I will tell you about best device to run kodi, the five best boxes for Kodi streaming. Kodi is one of the most popular apps for streaming, but you need to get equipment of some sort on TV. Here are some of the best streaming boxes (best kodi box 2017) in which you can install Kodi. The best Kodi best kodi player.

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kodi TV and kodi streaming

Kodi was firstly known as xbmc android since it was a media hub for the original Xbox. Now it is available for almost anything from Windows to Raspberry Pi. In ancient times, people would build an HTPC dedicated PC to run the Media Center software, but these days the streaming video boxes (and even HDMI dongles) are strong enough to run Kodi: they are cheap and best kodi player.

So let us get into it. Here are some of the best Kodi boxes to buy in 2017

(Note that the Asus Nexus player is a good option if you can find one.) Unfortunately, the Android TV box is interrupted, so you do not have that second-hand or renovated on eBay and similar sites too, But do not pay more than about a £60-70.

Amazon Fire TV 4K (2015, 2nd generation) supports kodi 4k

The second generation of fire TV costs just as much as the first - 79 on Amazon and supports 4K video. It also has a faster processor and is one of the best budget streaming devices. You can install Kodi on it, but it's not as simple as some Android boxes here. This is because the preinstalled apps on the fire TV is only from Amazon, so you need to download the Android version of Kodi and "side-load" that.

For most people, jumping a few extra tires is more than worth the price.

Amazon Fire TV stick

If 79 pounds for the fire TV is a bit high for you, there is also the £35 model of fire TV stick. This HDMI dongle can be fitted back side of the TV but you may still need power from an adapter or a USB port of your TV.

Like fire TV, the installation of Kodi is not so easy to download and install from AppStore, but you can use an Apps2Fire app, through which you can send APK file from phone to Android TV stick.

Nvidia shield TV (Nvidia shield kodi)

Although Nvidia shield kodi is relatively expensive for £149, but Nvidia shield TV is undoubtedly the best device to run kodi because it is very powerful. It works smoothly and reacts quickly, even if you have installed the high graphic demanding skin. Also, of course, you can play the games and even you can stream them with this device.

Since the launch of Android TV, it is very easy to install Kodi from Google Play Store. In addition, it is compatible with 4K, which is useful if you have a 4K TV and can enjoy kodi 4k.

Minix Neo X8 best kodi box 2017

There are several Minix boxes to choose from, but the X8-H Plus is the strongest and can be picked up for around £115 via Amazon.

It is a powerful, compatible with H.265 decoding:  can stream Kodi 4K at 30 frames per second and has a good remote keyboard for comfortable remote control. The Minix Neo X8 runs on Android.

It comes with a version of XBMC Android installed, but you can easily install the latest version of  Kodi App from the Google Play store.

WeTek Hub best kodi box 2017

If you are looking for a powerful and best device to run kodi WeTek-powered Kodi Steamer of WeTek Hub is a good starting point. For starters, it is incredibly small 71 x 71 x 20 mm which makes it easy to hide and although it comes with an infrared remote control, we do not recommend using a remote application.

Although the Android operating system Lollipop is preinstalled, the WeTek hub also has the ability to boot another operating system through the microSD card slot. This means it is easy to install OpenELEC, the Linux operating system to base Kodi.

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Couple that with the support for the H.265 codec and you will play a crystal clear 4K at the rate of 30fps Kodi media and this TV box is ready to play UHD movies, TV broadcasts and other multimedia files on the big screen.