DirecTV Now $35 Special offer For 100 Plus TV Channels will end on 9 January

DirecTV Now $35 special offer of DirecTV will end on 9 January. After the introductory price for the 100 plus TV channels will expire, The price of TV channel pack will rise to $60. DirecTV launched its AT&T online streaming service DirecTV now, last month with a special introductory price of $35 for your choice of 100 channels. But the offer "Go Big" should expire on January 9, and the subscription price will jump to $60. If you want to enjo100 plus TV channels at this low price of $35, get it now.

DirecTV Now $35 Special offer For 100 Plus TV Channels will end on 9 January

Keep in mind that getting a $35 option with the limited number of 60 channels is the lowest cost group. It is also unclear how long the users get to subscribe to this bargain: While the fine print on the DirecTV Now website says people are signing will be locked in at that lower cost, "offer rate may increase".

DirecTV now:

DirecTV Now Go Big $35/month is a limited time introductory offer of DirecTV service. Customers who register after the expiration of the offer of Go Big need to Pay $60 per month.

If you are interested in streaming TV service, you must register before the offer ends, otherwise, you will lose the introductory low price. If you start a DirecTV Now subscription before 9 next month, you will be able to pay $35 per month without going to the more expensive subscription plans. Once the limited offer is completed, it will still have a $35 plan, but with fewer channels: