The Pak DTH License Bidding Stayed, Delaying Launch Date

The bidding for the Pak DTH license has stayed. The Lahore High Court imposed a stay on the bidding of Pakistan DTH, until a decision on applications challenging the PEMRA rules for licenses.

A bench headed by Justice Ayesha A. Malik's mandate to suspend the bidding process of DTH for Wednesday said dawn.

The Pak DTH License Bidding Stayed, Delaying Launch Date

The decision was taken on similar applications filed by independent newspapers Corporation and others.

The court had heard the main case against the rules of the regulatory authority of the Pakistani electronic media (PEMRA) on DTH licenses and reserved its judgement.

Some media companies have considered the rules to be discriminatory. They did not accuse the PEMRA of the sender to participate in the tender. They blamed PEMRA of not permiting local broadcasters to participate in the bidding. It would be a conflict of interest, PEMRA said.

Pakistan cable network operators ended the strike

The association of cable operators Tuesday suspended the strike after a conversation with the State Secretary for Information, Marriyum Aurangzeb and the Association of Pakistani carriers.

The president of the ACO, Khalid Arain said the government assured them that their concern about the DTH licenses would be resolved.

PBA supports cable network operators

The President of the Pakistan Association of Broadcasting (PBA), Mian Amir Mehmood, said that a joint committee would negotiate the terms of the DTH with the government. He said DTH was unfair to the cable industry and Pakistani TV.

If the reservation of Pakistani channels and the cable industry are not resolved then the members of the PBA will not allow PEMRA to transfer their channels to DTH via Paksat. The PBA also insists the cable operators to support their reprisal by PEMRA, The News reports.

Cable channels were then reopened service throughout Pakistan.