Netflix to Launch Netflix recommended TVs in India for better streaming service

Netflix, TV manufacturers to launch Netflix recommended TVs in India. Netflix announced that its "recommended TV" go global as LG and Sony will soon launch these TVs in India. According to Netflix, these recommended television sets will work much better with its video streaming service.

Netflix to Launch Netflix recommended TVs in India for better streaming service

The company, which is a streaming giant with respect to the streaming of the original content, recently expand its streaming services to more countries around the world. On January 6 Netflix literally spilled a switch and activate the service in over 130 countries, which means that Netflix streaming service is now available in 191 countries.

Netflix recommended program was launched in 2015 for the United States and now the company has announced its recommended 2016 series of TVs. These include a WebOS-TV made by LG and Sony series of Android TV. It is important that these TVs are different from the TVs already in the market as they have a special Netflix button.

LG UH6300 TV series, UH6500 TV Series, UH7500 TV series, UH8500 TV Series, UH9500 series, G6 TV series got the certification. Sony X85D TV series, the series of X93D TV and  X94D TV series also got the certification. These models are, however, confirmed their different model names for regional reasons to India Netflix.

"Netflix is actually working with multiple devices partners for years prior to the integration of Netflix to the television," said Brady Gunderson, director of product management at Netflix. "This means that in early January, as Netflix in India and other countries were available, people who are using their only older smart TVs wake up one day and will find Netflix just there."

From now on Netflix has not worked with TV manufacturers in India, although Netflix works openly with local manufacturers for TVs, phones or even cable operators. He also said that the Netflix button on Indian producers televisions comes from its global partnerships with Chinese ODMs.

"VU TVs have been certified by their ODM Hisense. These are the Netflix certified  televisions," said David Holland, Director of Business Development at Netflix.

These TVs received certified based on specific benefits for users. For example, Instant supports Netflix functionality which can switch to the application by the user immediately if the TV is in use. Technically, the TV is in a state of ultra-low power.

"In some cases we have reference platforms that some manufacturers use, but in all cases they provide safety, standards and material specifications that enable our content safely," said Holland. "Things like DRM support, support frame rate, performance thresholds and also what the manufacturer" wants to do, he added.

This feature allows more intelligent applications that would be part of the same TV video services that compete with Netflix. Netflix, which is important because it can keep the users, the content of where they left off.

Other features of this TV are the latest version of the Netflix app and faster load times applications. These TVs also have a quick-launch button on the remote control for Netflix, but this is on other TVs as well and also facilitate access to Netflix icon in the TV interface. Netflix announced that its "recommended TV" go global LG TV and Sony TV will soon launch these TVs in India. According to Netflix, television, the better reflect the "recommended" with its video streaming service.