Flix TV New DTH for Czech Republic with 3 Adult Channels Started on Eutelsat

A new DTH, direct to home TV service launched for the Czech Republic with 3 adult TV channels on Eutelsat 16A at 16 East. Flix TV, a new package of DTH, launched for the Czech Republic.

Flix TV New DTH for Czech Republic with 3 Adult Channels Started on Eutelsat

Flix TV offers four packages - Dobrá TV, Lepsí TV, Activni TV and HBO Maxpak. Dobra has 57 TV entertainment, lifestyle, sports, movies, children and factual TV channels including 15 in HD, for CZK299 (€11), while Lepší TV offers 82 channels, including eight HD channels for CZK 399. international television channels include AMC, AXN, Euro Sport, international Filmbox channels, SPI, CBS Reality, Viasat History, Travel channel, Fine Living Network TLC, JimJam, Discovery World and Discovery HD Showcase, National Geographic channel and National Geographic Wild.

Flix TV's Actvini TV includes six additional channels, including fast&FunBox HD, HD FightBox, Fight Channel
 World HD and three adult TV channels for CZK 199, while the premium movie HBO Maxpak provides five channels for CZK 279.

Flix TV offers two-year contracts for a fixed price or the possibility of offering the service by taking pre-payment. Decoders for CZK2,690 with Conditional Access modules are available for the same price. Encryption is provided by Conax available.

Flix TV is
 available via satellite Eutelsat 16A at 16 East. The operator, a private label uses the platform of Telekom Austria to offer the service.