AT&T Plans To Launch Three New Ways to Stream DIRECTV Service

AT&T introduces three new methods to stream DIRECTV service. By the end of this year, AT&T is planning three new ways to stream video services from DIRECTV via a wired or wireless Internet connection from virtually any device to access and stream DitecTv video services anywhere and anytime. The new ways of AT&T to stream DirecTv services are DIRECTV Now, DIRECTV preview and DIRECTV mobile.

AT&T New Ways to Stream DIRECTV Service DIRECTV Now, DIRECTV preview and DIRECTV mobile

All the service will come with a number of simultaneous sessions. Services that do not require annual contracts fee, satellite dishes or set-top boxes. Customers can expect these three new sales opportunities from Q4 2016 to see continuously.

"These new video subscription models reflect flexible content options to watch and simple and transparent price that consumers actually need. AT&T wants to be the first company with such a customer experience to offer, such flexibility with ease, "said John Stanley, CEO of AT&T." These deals offer a wide range of customers more freedom and choice to see mandatory and also to purchase premium content, regardless of how and where you are, you can enjoy your entertainment."