Netflix What to Watch, Netflix Secret Codes to Unblock Region and content

Netflix What to Watch, Netflix secret codes revealed - the secret trick that every Netflix user needs to know. These hidden codes of Netflix could change the way you find films and to revolutionize TV shows on Netflix. The secret trick to help finds new programs and movies faster than ever.

Despite a recent design upgrade, the search for the next Television season and favorite TV shows or Netflix movie selection list can be very frustrating on Netflix.

Netflix list Netflix Secret Code to Unblock Region and to Find more Films and Shows
Netflix Secret Codes

But now this hidden trick makes tracking your favorite type of content a breeze.

This secret code - to paste in the URL in the browser bar - unlock a number of specific categories of hyper categories kind previously only available for developers.

For example, the navigation to is only showing comics and superhero movies on Netflix in your region.

This genre is not available in the standard menu options by the online Netflix page.

The URL trick should help to reduce the selection to Netflix in the UK gradually. Play with the code at the end of the URL and you can unlock hundreds of hidden treasures.

And if you want to watch shows and movies in other than your own regions, it could also help.

Other codes are 5286 Comedy, Sport shows, 10757 All British films and 9833 shows pure reality TV shows.

Thanks to the guys at Gizmodo, you can use the complete list of film codes here.

Netflix announced its VOD service (video on demand service) is now the world's largest television network after an increase of more than 130 new countries in the world after the signing of the CES press conference.

"Today we are witnessing the birth of a new world with Internet TV network", CEO Reed Hastings Netflix said.

"With the launch, consumers around the world - from Singapore to St. Petersburg, from San Francisco to Sao Paulo - TV shows and movies are at the same time enjoy - no waiting.

"With the help of the Internet, we gave the power of Netflix in the hands of consumers for ant TV shows, anytime, anywhere and on any device." So, you have the power with Netflix What to Watch.

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