LG launched new best range of OLED TV sets what you need to know

LG launched its new range of OLED TVs. TVs have come a long way in the past decade from only black and white TV to HDTV with great colour and picture quality. The advancement of television technology led to the mass and affordable HD Broadcasting, which in turn led to a revolution in the production standards of TV. The Voyage of the development of television has taken another big step this year in the form of OLED technology and LG is preparing to its new line of OLED televisions sets in the market.

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OLED means Organic Light Emitting Diode, the technology has been around for a few years and were only used in the smaller gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets and portable gaming devices. 2014/15 saw the number of electronics manufacturers present their own set of new TVs and LG put the forefront of quality and design. Earlier this year, a long-term agreement with Universal Display Corporation was signed for the use of its patented LED spotlight. It is with this unique design that LG is able to really boast remarkable achievement.

With its own lighting pixels with the ability to disable individually, LG OLED TVs can provide deeper and deeper purest back ever seen in home entertainment. Reaching a depth of darkness leads to a pure black contrast ratio, which means that the colors and vitality have never been better. It is the scenery of the real darkness, such as amazing and the vibrancy of color in the rest of the image.

Both in 1080P and 4K display range, the display of OLED TV has an intense color and a lightweight, ultra-thin design. They display also has a wide viewing angle that everyone in the room can see the pristine image quality, no matter where they sit to enjoy watching TV.