Satellite Pointer: How to align dish satellite to increase signal quality for freezing channels

Tips for aligning the satellite dish or satellite dish antenna to improve signal quality and TV reception. If your satellite dish receiver or DVR freezes at regular intervals, suffer signal loss and get into the search mode, the first step is to check the alignment of the KU band dish antenna or your C-band dish antenna. Strong winds and heavy snow loads can affect your dish surface and alignment. Here are some tips to check and adjust the alignment of the satellite dish, which also works for antenna problems.

Use satellite pointer, satellite signal finder meter to set dish antenna

The best method to verify the alignment of your dish is with a satellite signal tester. A strength of the measured signal is a simple device that connects to operate between the LNB and the satellite receiver. The price of the satellite signal tester is under $20 to $400 for a professional satellite finder. To use a satellite signal meter you have to use the LNB, short stub antenna cable, key connecting cable and alignment screws and dish antenna.

How to align dish satellite to increase signal quality for freezing channels

The process is simple. Unplug the antenna coaxial cable. Connect the cable of the plate and dish with the satellite finder meter LNB IN connection. Connect the receiver cable to the other side of the device. Turn on the satellite TV system and tune one of the stations that have difficulties. If your device has a voltage of the display should read 13-18 volts. If the reading of the signal strength is out of range, set the input to a mid-range from the adjusting buttons of the satellite signal finder meter for sat dish antenna.

Satellite dish antennas are adjusted vertically and horizontally. Loosen the screws, either vertically or horizontally. Adjust the antenna for a maximum reading on the satellite signal tester and tighten the screws. Repeat for the other direction. If the mounting plate is not in perfectly level, it is advisable to repeat the alignment procedure more than once to get the best fit. If you still have problems with your video, check the trees or other obstacles blocking the signal. Another cause of irregular signal may come from a filter fault line that is used by some satellite TV providers.

Using set-top box inbuilt satellite pointer, satellite finder meter

Another method involves the use of measuring the intensity of the integrated signal in the satellite receiver unit instead of a satellite meter. Receiver satellite finder can be accessed through the Setup menu or information. This approach better carried out by one or two assistants to see on the screen meters and relay information for adaptations. Configure access to the disk. Get the keys of sufficient size for use in a dish dowel pins.

Turn on the satellite TV system. Access built-in satellite signal finder meter for sat dish antenna from the receiver DVR using the configuration menus or information. Loosen the vertical and horizontal adjustment. Make sure to obtain the position of the antenna the highest signal level. Tighten the set screws. Repeat for the other direction. Once again, if the mounting plate is not perfectly level, it is worth repeating the process several times in order to ensure the best possible alignment to increase signal quality.