India plans to ban condom ads on TV from 5 to 11PM

India plans to ban immoral condom advertising on TV 05 AM to11PM. An advertisement for condoms with Sunny Leone becomes controversy when a complaint from a political parties raised that it was dirty and disgusting.

The Indian government is ready for a ban on emitting ads on television about condoms enforce 5h00-23 hours, after complaints from interested lawyers, politicians, and grandmothers claiming that sleazy ads of the condom on television are spoiling children.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting proposed limiting the airtime of the promotion of condoms in the night hours only.According to a report in the Telegraph, the I&B Ministry received a lot of complaints from concerned citizens that they feel that the ads are actually spoiling children.

India plans to ban condom ads on TV from 5 to 11PM

25 years ago, when the first such announcements began on television to represent condoms as a contraceptive method and a form of family planning. Today ads portray them as fun and enhancers and thus produce lust of s.e.x in teens.

Another complainant said that these ads can produce a culture of free s.e.x.

It expects the Government to a debate on the issue before they forward a letter to the TV channels on the new regulation.

The controversy has been brewing in the country, as Atul Anjan, the leader of the Communist Party of India criticized Sunny Leone as she currently presented a Canadian-Indian actress on a TV commercial for condoms.

"Open the telly and see a woman named Sunny Leone. She is the heroine of the world's most vulgar film. I vomited after seeing the film. Today is one of her ads on broadcast on the Television and she is lying on the beach to promote a brand of condoms. These types of ads which are increasing lust in teens for s.e.x. If this type of advertising is still on TV, then there are certainly increased cases of rape," Atul Anjan, leader of the Communist Party of India, said at a public meeting last month.